Top Rated ENT Hospital in Kota Only ENT Hospital in Kota with 600+ Google Reviews Slide Welcome to MAHAVIR ENT HOSPITAL We offer comprehensive ENT Endoscopy and Audiology services comprising of consultations and treatments. Mahavir ENT Hospital - Kota - An NABH Pre-Accredited ENT Hospital
Ear treatments in Kota - Mahavir ENT Hospital

Treat all and any problem related to ears from irritation to endoscopy.

Nose treatments in Kota - Mahavir ENT Hospital

Treat all and any problem related to nose from septoplasty to nasal endoscopy.


Treat all and any problem related to throat from ulcer to cancers.

A Super Speciality
ENT Hospital in Kota

Having been pioneers in effective ENT treatments through the latest technology in the industry, Mahavir ENT Hospital offers a wide range of services. Ever since the hospital’s encapsulation, we have successfully diagnosed various conditions in both adults and kids alike. Owing to our hospital expertise, we have been donning a well-earned, reliable reputation over the years and we continue to be one of Rajasthan’s leading ENT specialists. We feel very happy to say that Mahavir ENT Hospital is the best ENT Hospital in Kota. Dr. Vineet Jain is the one of the most experienced and best ENT specialists in Rajasthan.

Mahavir ENT Hospital - Best ENT Hospital In Rajasthan

Highly Experienced in
Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

We have performed thousands of ENT surgeries from thyroid surgery to various cancer surgeries (Onco surgery) of ear, nose, and throat. We are the choice of hospitals by patients when it comes to ENT surgeries.

Mahavir ENT Hospital Services 2000+

+ Satisified Vertigo Patients

Mahavir ENT Hospital Services 100+

+ Thyroid Cancer Surgery

Mahavir ENT Hospital Services 500+

+ Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Mahavir ENT Hospital Services 500+

+ Tonsil & Adenoid

Facilities Available

All major facilities are available at Mahavir ENT Hospital under the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, You need not go anywhere for your tests. We have the latest, modern and advanced equipment available under one roof. Facilities include microsurgery of the ear, treatment of hearing loss, rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired, nose and sinus diseases, surgery for tumors of the head and neck, facial-plastic and reconstructive surgery, and the disorders related to vocal cords & speech.

It is a procedure to look at the nasal and sinus passages. It’s done with an endoscope.

Patients with tumor in or around the ear may undergo this test to determine whether hearing loss has occurred.

CO2 Laser in ENT segment is present only and only in Mahavir ENT Hospital in Kota.

Coblation Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove tonsils.

It is an exam that gives a close-up view of your larynx and throat. The larynx is your voice box.

Facilities exist for the evaluation of patients who dizziness, vertigo or other problems with their balance.

StarKey most advance Livio AI-series hearing aid with Artificial Intelligence. Customization & Repair available.

Offering unique benefits for ear, nose, throat treatment and wide range of microsurgery applications

We have a variety of lasers that may be used when appropriate for operating in the ear, nose & throat.

It is the endoscopy of the ear to examine both the exterior and middle portions of the ear.

BERA test is available that allow us to screen newborns and detect significant hearing loss soon after birth.

This allows 360-degree cutting in the frontal sinuses, a more complete removal of polyps.

Patient Review – Puberphonia Treatment

Puberphonia Causes, Signs & Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Thyroplasty is the best treatment available for Puberphonia problem. It is a surgical procedure. After thyroplasty a male get a male voice back and his voice no more sounds like females.

Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Papillary thyroid cancer (also sometimes called papillary thyroid carcinoma) is the most common type of thyroid cancer

Dr. Vineet Jain

ENT Specialist (surgeon) / Otolaryngologist

14+ Years Experince

Dr. Vineet Jain is an ENT surgeon in Kota with special interest in endoscopic sinus surgery and otology. He is the medical director of Mahavir ENT Hospital. In his Six years of MS training and post-training exposure he has gained extensive clinical and research experience in the field of Otorhinolaryngology covering all aspects, as a result of his training and affiliation with AIIMS, New Delhi and PGIMER, Chandigarh, renowned centres in India.

Educational Qualification
MBBS from BJ medical govt college, Pune (1995 to 2001)
MS, DNB, ENT from JLN Hospital, Bhilai (2004 to 2007)
Micro ear surgery training in France and Germany

Patients Feedbacks

Feedbacks - Mahavir ENT Hospital
Feedbacks - Mahavir ENT Hospital
Feedbacks - Mahavir ENT Hospital
Feedbacks - Mahavir ENT Hospital
Feedbacks - Mahavir ENT Hospital
It was refreshing to have a doctor spend as much time as Dr. Vineet Jain. I'll highly recommended this hospital.
Abhishek Agrawal
My grandfather had problems in sinus and hearing. After laser treatment at mahavir ent hospital he regained his hearing. Even the breathing is much better and he feels a big difference in energy levels without his earlier problems. Big thanks to Dr. Vineet Jain for his super speciality work and suggestions.
Lokendra Pankaj
This Hospital is the best ent hospital in rajasthan, Best laser surgery treatment available in kota region. I really satisfied with ent consultant (Dr. Vineet Jain) and all staff.
Shivani Sharma
My big brother was suffering form hearing and mouth ulcer problem. After treatment in mahavir ent hospital, he is very happy. I suggest to all that for any type of EAR, NOSE & Throat problem visit @ Mahavir ent hospital kota. I think it is the best ent hospital of Hadoti region.
Prakash Audichya
Very much impressed with Dr Vineet jain. I had long standing voice change . taken lot of medicines. Consulted Dr Vineet jain at Mahavira Ent hospital. He adviced me voice correction surgery. I am thankful to Dr Vineet jain. Now I have near normal voice. Glad to be treated at most advanced ENT hospital of region. Thank u doctor.
Faroq Khan